Monday, January 19, 2015

Welcome to History Class!

This blog is the joint endeavor of Washburn University history professors Kerry Wynn and Kelly Erby. We will be chronicling our efforts here to revamp the U.S. history survey using more primary sources and an active, problem-based approach to learning. Kerry Wynn will teach the first half of the survey, which covers the pre-contact period through the Civil War. Kelly Erby will teach the second half, which picks up with Reconstruction. This is a reversal of our typical teaching areas, since Wynn is a twentieth-century historian while Erby studies the nineteenth century.  It is our intention that stepping outside of our usual comfort zones in what we teach will encourage us to take some risks. We plan to draw on each others' expertise as needed throughout the upcoming Spring 2015 semester.

We hope you enjoy following us and that you will add your own thoughts, ideas, and experiences in the comments.

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